An unusual Letter
written from Calcutta (now Kolkota) to his close childhood friend Gulabchand Vakhariya during an
inspired moment
September 18, 1921

Yes Kathiawar; I love you
A popular Patriotic Song
Devidas Gandhi, an inmate of Sabarmati Jail, during the function arranged on the eve of release of another inmate Abbas Taiyabji,
recited the poem `Somebody’s
Darling' by French Poetess Marie Ravenal de la Coste.
  The recitation inspired him to spontaneously free-translate the poem into Gujarati.
and this indeed was accomplished even as his eyes, scrubbed just the day before, were sore and painful.
Spreading beyond the jail-walls into the wider outside world the song soon became a hit with the masses.

A Popular Poem

A Popular Lullaby

A Popular Lullaby

A Children Song

Sonaar Taree  (adapted from Rabindranath Tagore's poem)

Vidaai (adapted from Rabindranath Tagore's poem)

`The day each one of us, brothers and sisters, eagerly awaited was one's birthday.
And that for the most precious of the birthday-gifts one would receive from Bapujee --- as we called our father :
A set of his new books published during the year gone by, each signed by him.
It had become almost a tradition in the family.
We twin brothers, Mastanbhai and I, on one such occasion, were sitting beside him, one on either side,
after we had touched his feet and obtained his blessings besides an affectionate hug.
As he was signing the books we happened to notice something which prompted us to interrupt :
'How come,
Bapujee, you are signing as "Jhaverchand"?'
He got the point, smiled and started signing the way we wanted him to do --- as shown below !'

- Nanak Meghani

Saint Kabir

Saint Gorakhnath

Narmadaa-ne Teere Teere   (Along the Bank of River Narmada)
his article on Narmada : one of his last writings

The Fountain-pen he wrote with The Case which once covered his Glasses