Mar 16
First recipient of  Ranjitram Suvarnachandrak  (Gold Medal)  for the year 1928
awarded in recognition of his researches in, and contribution to,
Gujarati Folklore 
Medal award to Kavi Rajendra Shukla in 2006

humble acceptance
Aug 29
Mahatma Gandhi spontaneously gave the title of Raashtreeya Shaayar (National Poet)

Mahatma Gandhi

 2nd Round Table Conference at England
(September, 1931)
The poem, addressed to `Bapu' as he was sailng for England to attend the Second Round Table Conference,
was composed during the last hour and was rushed and delivered to Gandhiji at the last moment.

When Gandhiji later read it he observed : "The poet, it seems, has entered my heart and mind and read my thoughts"
Mar 12
Presented at Santiniketan a Maan-Patra  (citation) 
in recognition of his researches in, and contribution to, Gujarati Folklore

 Cheena Bhavana
where he was honoured

Kavivar Rabindranath Tagore

with the Youth at Santiniketan
Invited by Kavivar Rabindranath Tagore himself, he visited Santiniketan in March, 1941
Presented with a Maan-Patra
(citation), which he said, was more a Prem-Patra.
four lectures on Gujarati Folklore which held the august audience spell-bound throughout. 
Dec 29
Mahida Paaritoshik (Award)  for  Maanasaaee-naa Deevaa
a book depicting the life and work of Ravishankar

Ravishankar Maharaj


with Ramanlal Vasantlal Desai and
Narendrasinh Mahida at the award function