Jhaverchand Kalidas Meghani (1896-1947) was a distinguished and legendary
Poet, Writer, Folklorist, Researcher, Freedom-fighter, Journalist, Social-reformer, Thinker, Orator and Singer from Gujarat.

He authored more than 100 books during a short span of 25 years.
His range of work included a wide spectrum of literature :
Poetry, Novel, Short stories, Drama, Biography, History, Travelogue, Folk-songs, Folk-tales, Folklore research and criticism.

As a sensitive nationalist Poet, he inspired generations with his soul-stirring patriotic songs.
His songs kindled nationalistic spirit among people, especially the youth, during the freedom movement.
His poems voiced sufferings, anguish, struggle and aspirations of the common man -- the downtrodden, oppressed and afflicted.

He touched millions of hearts by singing in his gifted vibrant and expressive voice.

As a pioneering Folklorist and Researcher, he painstakingly excavated lost treasures of folklore of Gujarat.
His wanderlust took him to far-flung and extremely remote villages, mountains, rivers, ravines and deserts on foot, horses, camels, bullock-carts and ships.
Given his deep knowledge and insights into folklore and literature, he single-handedly documented and revived various dimensions of folk-literature,
which had, by then, almost perished and were anecdotally preserved mainly in oral form.

He was the Editor of Phulchhab, one of the most reputed newspapers of Gujarat during those days.
As a fearless and fair Journalist, his contribution to the major newspapers of his time such as

Saurashtra, Phulchhab
and Janmabhoomi was tremendous and spanned over a period of 23 years.

He became a legend in his life time !

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Part-1 : 1896-1922

Birth at Chotila Schooling College Calcutta Back to Kathiawaar Marriage
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Part-2 : 1922-1933

Saurashtra Sauraashtra-nee
Sindhudo Chhellee
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Part-3 : 1933-1940

Bombay Meeting
Janmabhoomi Memorable
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Part-4 : 1941-1947

Santiniketan Phulchhab Cartoon
Court Case
University of Bombay
Mahatma Gandhi
Gujarati Sahitya
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