Going down the memory lane ...
the few from those who chanced to know Jhaverchand Meghani
Induben Anilbhai Shah
daughter of Jhaverchand Meghani

looking into the future !

held high and close by father
Excerpts from the Television Interview she gave to Prof. Kanubhai Jani during
Jhaverchand Meghani Birth Centenary (1896-1996) Celebration Year 1996
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late Nanakbhai Jhaverchand Meghani
son of Jhaverchand Meghani

one of the handwritten notes by
Mahatma Gandhi

interviewed by Saravatichandra Acharya

Bungalow of Shantikumar Morarjee at Juhu beach,
where Gandhiji was staying then
He remembers accompanying his father when he went to meet Mahatma Gandhi
to seek his blessings for his newly-married son Mahendrabhai
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 late Vaid Vajubhai Vyas

in his younger days

Phulchhab Press at Ranpur
He worked as an assistant to Jhaverchand Meghani in the editorial department of Phulchhab weekly from 1938 to 1942.
He chanced to see Subhashchandra Bose at Peshwar where Netaji had come from Calcutta,
having slipped from house-arrest, and was waiting there, disguised as a Pathan, for an opportunity to sneak into Russia via Afghanistan.
Part - I
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Part - II
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Part - III
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late Professor Vinodbhai Adhvaryu

Five Lectures

University of Bombay
He, as a young, dynamic student, attended Thakkar Vasanji Madhavji Lectures at the Univeristy of Bombay in 1943.
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daughter of Dula Bhaya Kag

Dula Bhaya Kag

House of Dula Kag at Majadar
Her great spirit and full-throated, high-pitch voice would hardly suggest she is disabled.
It is only when one sees her move, literally dragging herself, that one realises there is no strength whatsover left in her legs.
It was an accident which played such a havoc.
But her indomitable spirit keeps her cheerful always and has not allowed the endearing smile
on her expressive face to fade even for a while.
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Kanabhai Aapabhai Madhuda
Bilyat Ness, Gir

Khajuri-no Ness

with his grandson Subhash

Bilyat Ness -- his home
He, as a young boy, accompanied Jhaverchand Meghani and Dula Bhaya Kag when they visited Khajuri-no Ness in Gir forest in 1928.  
At Khajuri-no Ness
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The homage Dula Kag paid to Jhaverchand Meghani
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late Arvindbhai Pranjivanbhai Acharya


Kalaguru Ravishankar Raval with his students
He had the previlege of being amongst the small group of enthusiastic youngsters
with whom Jhaverchand Meghani first shared songs from Raveendra-Veena
at  'Chitrakoot',Brahman Mitra Mandal Society, Paldi, Ahmedabad,the residence of Ravishankar Raval,
the renowned artist and Kalaguru of Gujarat. Meghani stayed with him then for quite some days
as he corrected proofs and gave final touches to the book which was being printed there.
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Dr. Barindrabhai Desai
son of
Darbar Gopaldas and Bhaktiba

Darbar Gopaldas with his family

interviewed in USA by Dr. Akshay Vajubhai Shah

Ancestral Haveli at Vaso
He talks about the association of his father Darbar Gopaldas with Jhaverchand Meghani,
 sharing his memories of his visit to Ranpur, as a young boy, on an invitation of Meghani
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late Palabhai Bhikhabhai Bathwar -- Kavi Pal

Bhikhabhai Bathwar -- his father

Well at Taadhaa-nee Vaadee
Six decades on, he still remembers having seen Jhaverchand Meghani first at Botad railway station, where his father was a shoeshine.
He often spotted Meghani, he adds, at Taadhaa-nee Vaadee where Meghani used to go,
mostly with his children, to take bath and wash clothes.
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late Tusharkant Chhaganlal Dave

with his father Chhaganlal Diveshwar Dave

House at Ranpur
He talks of the days when, as a young boy,  he often visited Phulchhab Press at Ranpur
where his father Chhaganlal Dave worked as a Manager in its Type-Foundry.
Part - I
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Part - II
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Part - III
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late Pratapbhai Jagabhai Vank
nephew of
Hathibhai Vank of Vadia-Devali

Hathibhai Vank with his wife Amarba

interviewed by Dr. Praduman Khachar

House at Vadia-Devali
He talks of Jhaverchand Meghani's frequent visits to his uncle Hathibhai and aunt Amarba with whom he stayed at Vadia-Devali to study.
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Madhusudanbhai Bholanath Thaker

Bholanath Jatashankar Thaker -- his father
Sar-Nyaayadheesh (Judge) of Wadhwan

House at Wadhwan
He remembers Jhaverchand Meghani recite the famous ballad Sheni-Vijanand at his home at Wadhwan.
While studying at Royal Institute of Science at Mumbai,
he also had the privilege of attending Thakkar Vasanji Madhavji Lectures at the Univeristy of Bombay in 1943.
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late Vinodbhai Himmatlal Shukla
son of Barrister Himmatlal P. Shukla

1941 : Phulchhab Cartoon Case

Himmatlal Shukla Family
He digs deep into his memory which goes back to the days when he, as a young student of Law,
so excitedly sat in the court room, listening to his father
Barrister Himmatlal P. Shukla argue the 1941 Phulchhab Cartoon Court Case
in which he successfully defended Jhaverchand Meghani.  He also cherishes memories of the celebrations that followed.
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late Narendrabhai Chhelbhai Dave
son of the brave policeman -- Rashtraveer Chhelbhai Dave

Rashtraveer Chhelbhai Dave

Chhelbhai's home at Junagadh
He recollects Jhaverchand Meghani's visit to their home at Junagadh.
He, on his own, arranged a number of functions and undertook quite some activities to enthusiastically participate in
Meghani's 75th birth anniversary -- and, later, the centenary -- celebrations.

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Rannaben Shah
daughter of Prabhudas Patwari

Prabhudas Patwari

Patwari Family
She still vividly remembers Jhaverchand Meghani occasionally visiting their home at Pritamnagar, Ahmedabad,
and singing songs as per the 'demand' of her mother Savitaben !
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